We offer a free quote of all the furniture that you will ask for, both new and used, also Internet. Over 1000+ samples of upholstery materials to choose from.

Upholstered Furniture

We perform furniture makeovers on damaged or antique furniture, we can replace old upholstery and still keep the original style

Upholstery Renewal

We renovate the upholstery of old furniture, unique and antique. Maintaining the original style and appearance of all furniture.

Yacht Mattresses

We make mattresses for yachts, campers and holiday caravans. 


Our offer includes:

  • sales of upholstered furniture
  • making lounge suites covered in leather or fabric – untypical, made to measure, according to your specification;
  • all kinds of sleeping beds and mattresses
  • all kinds of armchairs, footrests, chair-beds, sofas, divan sofas, corner sofa beds, and untypical sofas
  • upholstery renewal in old, unique and antique furniture
  • making of yacht mattresses, mattresses for campers and holiday caravans
  • upholstering, door soundproofing with leatherette or leather
  • automobile upholstery, curtains, sheer curtains and drapes. 


Door-to-door transport and delivery provided.


Upholstered furniture

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