We offer a free quote of all the furniture that you will ask for, both new and used, also Internet. Over 1000+ samples of upholstery materials to choose from.

Upholstered Furniture

We perform furniture makeovers on damaged or antique furniture, we can replace old upholstery and still keep the original style

Upholstery Renewal

We renovate the upholstery of old furniture, unique and antique. Maintaining the original style and appearance of all furniture.

Yacht Mattresses

We make mattresses for yachts, campers and holiday caravans. 

About Us

From 1988 we have been offering the highest quality of upholstered furniture. Thanks to our years of experience we can offer a range of services such as: manufacture of new customer designed furniture, replacing upholstery whether it be leather or fabric and general repair of furniture. We perform all works in our professional upholstery workshop and carpentry. Our employees are all qualified professionals, we have experienced carpenters that have been at the company from the start and young ambitious apprentices learning their way in the industry. We always stride for customer satisfaction. All of our furniture is made to the customers vision and needs. We offer professional advice to all clients, such as: furniture type, composition and materials

Are you seeking professional furnishing of your house, flat, office, cafeteria or restaurant with leather or fabric upholstered furniture according to your own specification? 
Then come to us, we will cater to all your upholstery needs.


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Upholstered furniture

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